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The goal of this qualification is to equip students to work as Management Assistants.The certification allows the student to gain a variety of skills that will enable them to organize the operations of the organization and offer professional administrative and secretarial assistance to managers, either as part of a team or independently. They also organize the operations of assigned people and offer the manager with current and up-to-date necessary information as support for forthcoming meetings.
The Management Assistant can also act as a Senior or Executive secretary, depending on experience, and is the gatekeeper who promotes the manager’s and the organization’s professional image. The management assistant must also be capable of managing special projects using resources provided in accordance with good governance standards.
The qualified student will be actively involved in becoming a well-rounded, multi-skilled individual, ready for additional, more focused study and a variety of different job options in the secretarial or personal assistant area.

Course Requirement

The qualification is divided into parts in such a way that when taken in conjunction with related modules (e.g. Knowledge + Practical + Workplace Modules), learners can receive the Occupational Higher Certificate: Management Assistant after completing the required knowledge, practical and workplace modules within 18 months or two years, depending on the individual occupational sector.

Exist Level Outcome
  • Plan, organise and support department meetings and workshops

  • Apply appropriate personal and interpersonal skills to a range of situations to facilitate the smooth relations between internal and external stakeholders according to organisational standards

  • Apply basic knowledge of relevant administration governance, policies and procedures to manage resources effectively in the organisation

  • Plan, administer and provide support services to a special project within an organisation

  • Promote professional documentation by utilising effective and accurate information processing and research skills to enhance the professional image of the organisation or industry

  1. Document management and record-keeping.
  2. Computerised Information Processing.
  3. Resource and procurement management.
  4. Social media and digital literacy.
  5. Office protocol, deportment and etiquette.
  6. Business communication and customer services.
  7. Ready for work standards.Basic business calculations.
  8. Apply End User Computing.
  9. Business documentation and design.
  10. Meeting administration.
  11. Introductory project management.
  1. Create a trip itinerary.
  2. Address protocol requirements.
  3. Determine, acquire and allocate resources for the secretarial unit.
  4. Design and develop complex text documents.
  5. Manage a small project.
    Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff.
  6. Apply communication and effective customer relationships.
    Organise meetings.
  1. Perform administrative and meeting support functions to support management
    Apply ready for work standards to everyday work activities.
  2. Handle customer and client’s queries and liaison in an office.
  3. Assist in planning and coordinating at least two special events/conferences.
  4. Procure and allocate resources.
  5. Manage a paperless office.
  6. Apply supervisory skills to coordinate and direct clerical staff activities.
  7. Prepare a trip itinerary.

To be awarded this qualification, All Knowledge, Practical, and Workplace Modules must be completed and also pass an external integrated summative assessment (EISA).

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