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Occupational Certificate: Journalist


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Journalist. A Journalist originates and pitches content ideas, collects and analyses information for journalistic use and creates and delivers content for an array of journalistic purposes in a variety of formats and on various media platforms.

Course Requirement

The qualification is divided into parts in such a way that when taken in conjunction with related modules (e.g. Knowledge + Practical + Workplace Modules), learners can receive the Occupational Higher Certificate: Journalist after completing the required knowledge, practical and workplace modules within 18 months or two years, depending on the individual occupational sector.

Exist Level Outcome
  1. Originate and pitch content ideas for media use
  2. Collect and analyse information for journalistic use.
  3. Create and deliver content for a variety of journalistic purposes and formats.
  • Introduction to journalism
  • The legal and ethical framework for the media
  • Governance and democracy
  • Origination and pitching of content ideas
  • Information gathering
  • Storytelling
  • Personal development
  • Originate and pitch content ideas
  • Report by gathering information and materials
  • Create publishable content
  • Develop work-relevant personal skills
  • Processes to observe and assist an experienced journalist in a selected range of journalistic activities
  • Processes to work as a junior member of a team to produce content
  • Processes to work with news production colleagues on assigned content that is accepted for publication
  • Processes to work on self-generated content that is accepted for publication

To be awarded this qualification, All Knowledge, Practical, and Workplace Modules must be completed and also pass an external integrated summative assessment (EISA).

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